Organised By Baildon Volunteers, Supported by Baildon People and Local Businesses

  • To Work together for the good of the local community.

  • To Provide a platform for local Children and Local Talent to show the community what they can do.

  • To Raise peoples spirits and give them something positive to look forward to.

  • To Allow local businesses to get more involved.

Fund Raising

  • To Raise funds for local charities

  • To provide a sustainable foundation to keep the Carnival going on a long term basis.


Would you like a say in how the Carnival is organised and what is involved on the day?

This event is run by Baildon People, for Baildon people.

YOU are invited to contact Matthew Wildman or Rob Higgie to get involved.

You don’t have to do anything more than you want to.

It may just be adding your views at a meeting and having a vote.

People only take on roles if they really want to and there is no pressure to do more.

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It is with great appreciation of the many hours of time, both before, during and after the carnival itself, that I am writing about each of the people below. Without the selfless community spirit and ongoing efforts of each person listed here, the Carnival would not be what it is today.

Rob Higgie
Main Event Coordinator - (Committee member, Treasurer & Marshall)

Since the Baildon community assumed responsibility for the Carnival from Baildon Council, Rob Higgie has been at the very centre of rebuilding the carnival from near extinction. As new members have joined our group, they have appreciated the support that Rob has given to every member as they have felt welcome and part of a happy and productive team.

On Carnival day, Rob overseas the whole event, with health and safety first and foremost, then everyone and everything going to plan, with him ready to act, as and when support is needed wherever that may be.

Rob joined the first team of Baildon Marshalls to assist with lending support to the Ilkley Carnival Team for their event in May.

Ben Merrett
Shadow Event Coordinator, Paramedic Liaison & Contact for Lost Children - (Committee member & Marshall)

Ben is another who joined the committee for the first time in 2019 and is keen to help out in many ways.

Ben joined the first team of Baildon Marshalls to assist with lending support to the Ilkley Carnival Team for their event in May.

Cllr Mike Pollard
Stalls Manager - (Committee member & Marshall)

Mike took over from Alan Clements in 2019 and will be overseeing the introduction of more stalls and events as the carnival grows.

Ann Foster
Main Procession organiser - (Committee member, & Marshall with section 8 Traffic Management)

Ann joined the committee in 2018 and immediately took on one the most challenging roles on offer, to resurrect the Carnival Procession. With her guidance and the support of the rest of the committee, she achieved her goal in her very first year. With more time to prepare and a chance to build on what was started last year, this years procession will be bigger and better, with much more including the involvement of local schools, a theme and a marching band.

Ann joined the first team of Baildon Marshalls to assist with lending support to the Ilkley Carnival Team for their event in May.

Colin Ackroyd
Road Closure Manager for 2019 procession - (Committee member, Marshall + section 8 Traffic Management).

Colin completed Section 8 training for Traffic Management in 2018 and practiced with other groups, before taking charge of this years road closures. This will be from closing the roundabout and all side streets at the start of the procession, through opening the roads behind the procession as it makes its way up to Carnival Fields.

Colin is one of the hardest working members of the Carnival team and has assisted the event for many years, covering multiple roles after starting as part of the Musical Team working the main stage.

Colin joined the first team of Baildon Marshalls to assist with lending support to the Ilkley Carnival Team for their event in May.

Bren Travis
Stage Manager for ... Music on the ‘Live at the Lounge’ Main Stage

Bren is a very talented and highly rated Musician and Music Teacher. He started at The Beat It Music School in Baildon and became an independent teacher, operating from home in Saltaire. Bren also took charge of the local ‘Live at the lounge’ sessions from Steve Gibson. Bren puts a lot of time and effort into giving opportunities for local musicians to perform at the carnival.

Steve Gibson
The Beat It Music Accoustic Tent - (Near the Rubgy Club House)

Steve runs Beat It Music School in Baildon Village and has helped bring local musicians to the Carnival for many years. Steve setup the Original ‘Live at the Lounge’ shows in the village, which are now run by Bren Travis.

In the tent, Steve will be providing Music from many local musicians throughout the day. Please go along and support them.

Val Sharp
Baildon Club Coordinator - (Committee member)

As well as volunteering to assist with many items behind the scenes, Val ensures that the Baildon Club opens early on event day and provides essential facilities and support for time that people are gathering in the centre ready for the start of the Carnival Procession.