Organised By Baildon Volunteers, Supported by Baildon People and Local Businesses

  • To Work together for the good of the local community.

  • To Provide a platform for local Children and Local Talent to show the community what they can do.

  • To Raise peoples spirits and give them something positive to look forward to.

  • To Allow local businesses to get more involved.

Fund Raising

  • To Raise funds for local charities

  • To provide a sustainable foundation to keep the Carnival going on a long term basis.


Would you like a say in how the Carnival is organised and what is involved on the day?

This event is run by Baildon People, for Baildon people.

YOU are invited to contact Matthew Wildman or Rob Higgie to get involved.

You don’t have to do anything more than you want to.

It may just be adding your views at a meeting and having a vote.

People only take on roles if they really want to and there is no pressure to do more.

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